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16F628 PWM LED test



PIC16F628 Pulse Width Modulation Controls Brightness of LED

For how to calculate frequency and duty cycle for PIC PWM 
see Working with Pulse-Width Modulation and the PIC Microcontroller




;Filename: pwmdemo1.asm 
;Uses PIC16F628A
;Date: 13 Nov. 2013      
;Author:  Lewis Loflin
;Uses PWM to control LEDs from off to bight to off again
;Demonstrates the use of loops and PWM
;Delay routines based on 16 mHz external
;PWM Period = [(PR2) + 1] * 4 * TOSC * (TMR2 Prescale Value)
;PWM duty cycle = (DCxB9:DCxB0 bits value) *
; Tosc * (TMR2 prescale value)
;Tosc = 16 mHz / 4
;PWM output PORTB, 3 

list      p=16f628A           ; list directive to define processor
#include        ; processor specific variable definitions
errorlevel  -302              ; suppress message 302 from list file

; internal 4 mHz osc and no ext reset, use pin RA5 as an input
; Use _HS_OSC for a 16 mHz ext crystal.
; Use _XT_OSC for 4 mHz ext crystal. Page 95 in spec sheet. 

	cblock 0x20	; Begin General Purpose-Register
;-------------------------- counters	

	ORG     0x000             ; processor reset vector
	goto    setup              ; go to beginning of program

setup ; init PIC16F628A

	movlw	0x07   
	; Turn comparators off and enable pins for I/O 
	movwf	CMCON
	clrf	INTCON
	clrf	T2CON
	clrf	TMR2
	banksel TRISA    
	; BSF	STATUS,RP0 Jump to bank 1 use BANKSEL instead
	clrf	PIE1
	movlw	d'255' ; frequency ~ 1000 Hz
	movwf	PR2
	clrf	TRISA
	clrf    TRISB
	banksel INTCON ; back to bank 0
	clrf	PORTB
	clrf 	PORTA
	movlw	b'00000111'
	movwf	T2CON ; turn on TMR2 prescale 16
	movlw	d'0' ; duty cycle = 0% or no output
	movwf	CCPR1L
	movlw	b'00111100'
	movwf	CCP1CON 	; turn on PWM 
	goto main

	; first loop increases brightness of LEDs
	clrf val ; val = 0
gg  call delay_100ms 
 	movf val, w 
	movwf CCPR1L ; output val to pwm RB3
	movlw d'10'
	addwf val, F ; add 10 to val
	btfss STATUS, C ; check for carry
	goto gg ; no carry loop again
	; decreases brightness of LEDs
	movlw 0xFF
	movwf val
hh	call delay_100ms
	movfw val
	movwf CCPR1L ; save val to register
	movlw d'10'
	subwf val, F ; subtract 10 from val save in val
	btfsc STATUS, C ; check for < 0
	goto hh  ; no loop again
	clrf CCPR1L
goto main

	; 16 mHz crystal, 4 mS with 4 mhz crystal
	movlw 0x07
	movwf count1
aa	movlw 0xBC
	movwf count2
	decfsz count2, F
	goto $-1
	decfsz count1, F
	goto aa 

	; 16  mHz crystal, 400 mS with 4 mHz crystal
	movlw d'99'
	movwf count3
bb	call delay_1ms
	decfsz count3, F
	goto bb

	END  ; directive 'end of program'

Pin out PIC16F628A





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